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In his real estate endeavors, Andy Rockett captures the special moments of history, preserving memories for  the lifetime of communities like Duxbury.  At Andy Rockett Real Estate, we have the highest standards and guarantee your happiness when choosing Andrew F Rockett Real Estate.

This site is dedicated to combining two of my passions – buildings and the history behind them.
Growing up in eastern Massachusetts, I’ve developed a special appreciation for the historic sites that dot our beautiful countryside. There’s something about a building that becomes more interesting when it has a story attached to it. From Old Salem Village to Fanueil Hall and the Light Houses of Cape Cod, reminders of America’s rich history abound in Eastern Massachusetts.  Andrew Rockett real estate has been involved in a lot of deals with historic properties over the years, and the whole Rockett Realestate team is just as excited about learning the stories behind the buildings as they are about restoring them to their former glory.
These historical sites and I have a history…I first experienced many of Massachusetts’s landmarks as a child on field trips and family outtings. Big yellow buses were loaded and sent to Old Salem’s village, where we first heard stories of the witch trials. It was revisited in High school as we read Arthur Miller’s “The Crucible ;” close enough to make an afternoon trip out of it for extra credit. Salem Village was refreshed in my memory, and I could see the actual place where it was happening
My work in the real estate field has only increased my appreciation and respect for the many historical buildings throughout my home state. Andrew Rockett Real Estate Investments has undertaken historical investment projects,and I felt a great responsibility to the community around it – a responsibility to help the area maintain it’s charm, for all the people who come to enjoy that authentic New England feel, all the businesses that will benefit from residing in a desirable area, and all the history that came before us and still remains before us. Andy Rockett Real Estate takes that responsibility very seriously.
I let my understanding and reverence for the history of the region guide my development, going so far as to study the building techniques used by the original builders who’ve given Massachusetts its distinctive style. Furthermore, I make sure everyone hired to the Andy Rockett real estate team shares my respect for the history of the area.
I hope all developers will share my respect for the historic buildings and architectural styles, and will work to build communities that maintain their classic charm while allowing for modern convenience, with buildings that complement the historic charm that abounds throughout New England.

The Candle Works, a Andrew Rockett Real Estate picture

Andrew Rockett Real Estate Investment’s Candleworks building

I hope this site will do something to educate and honor the great history we have in New England and the architecture that is intertwined with it.
Andrew Rockett is a succesful real estate investor and developer from Duxbury, Massac husetts.

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Andrew Rockett

Andrew Rockett is excited to combine two of his passion – Real Estate and historical buildings.  Buildings with a lot of history behind them have always intrigued Andy Rockett – to walk through their halls and wonder about the people who came before them.

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